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Use technology to provide rich data, education, and powerful yet friendly tools to improve the food system and community health.


The founders and crew behind Everything Food are chefs, home cooks, grocery geeks, food justice pioneers, and data scientists. We’re dedicated to the idea that fresh food is a basic right that contributes to a healthy life. We’re passionate advocates building micro-supply chains that value transparency and traceability in the food chain. We believe in helping our community find the highest quality food at the best prices from purveyors that employ sustainable and equitable practices.

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In addition to our talented team, Everything Food Inc. also draws regularly on the passion and expertise of numerous outside chefs, nutritionists, and other food industry professionals.​​​

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The Everything Food Inc. story began in 2012 when founders Peter Balsells and Dan Doble – frustrated by the difficulty of manually doing any type of food comparison online or offline – began work on what would become the nation's largest, most robust food database that would become known as EverythingFood.io. The concept, originally called Nutrition Health Connection, was to develop a way to organize food items in an easily accessible way for users to be able to search, compare and decide which items were best based on their quality and how they are made.

In 2014, Everything Food Inc. purchased its first batch of universal product codes, UPC’s, for grocery items across the country. This provided the name of the product, an image, and nutritional information, which up until then had been entered individually based on research. With this new information, the idea was formed to create a “Food Quality Score” as a way to rank food items based on their ingredients, nutrition, and where/how they were made. The items would be listed in the database with their score to help users determine their quality at a glance. The score became what is known now as the Everything Food Quality Score (EFQS), which was recently patented in 2020.

EverythingFood.com was built and launched alongside the EFQS in early 2019. The next year, Maps, now known as Map My Cart, was created allowing users to not only select great quality items but also see on a map the local price and availability of those items.

This year, we added a business-to-business initiative. Our primary goal has always been to introduce our community to better quality ingredients, which lead to a healthier life. We want to help people find foods that match their personal preferences and also potential medical restrictions. Looking at the bigger picture of how we could make this happen, FoodFarmacy was born. Bringing healthy food to recipients whose medical needs benefit from better quality ingredients.

This brought us to Everything Food Inc. as it is today. More than a single website, now a full suite of tools and resources for the healthcare industry and consumers to increase medical outcomes, food literacy, and availability. This suite includes FoodFarmacy, Map My Cart, and EverythingFood.io with PlateCraft and the Nutrition Exchange in development for this year. We are excited for what the future has in store and are glad you have decided to join us on our journey towards building better health through food.

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