Everything Food provides a full suite of tools and resources
for the healthcare industry and consumers to increase
medical outcomes, food literacy, and availability.

Helping Health Providers Improve Community Nutrition

FoodFarmacy provides a micro-supply chain solution for local hospitals and health institutions to manage the sourcing and delivery of fresh produce and healthy meals.

The Nation’s Deepest Database of Grocery Food Items

Providing programmatic access to the nation’s deepest database of grocery food items including nutrition, ingredients, and facts behind how each product was raised, grown, or processed.

Understand the Connection Between You & Your Food

Providing information on nutrition as well as the ability to learn from thought leaders in the industry about Food As Medicine.

Empowering Informed Food Choices

MapMyCart.com provides consumers the ability to search their local grocery stores for food availability, quality, and pricing.

Modernizing How to Choose & Substitute Foods Based Upon Nutritional Content

More Information coming soon!

Optimizing Patient Nutrition in Real-Time

VitaMeter is real-time, HIPAA compliant, nutrition optimization platform for health practitioners and their patients.

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